About Anna

My aim is to bring out the intimacy and preciousness of meaningful human connections…

I’ve always loved being creative, using my imagination, and working with my hands. I used to stuff an enormous tin of Derwent coloured pencils into my backpack on our annual family trips interstate. The desk in my bedroom, for many years, was crammed with art supplies; some of them, like the Derwent pencils, I considered to be so precious that I didn’t end up using them (I still own that same tin of pencils. Suffice to say, they are now getting a lot more use).

I hold a BVisual Arts majoring in Photomedia from the University of Sydney, and I’ve been taught and mentored by highly-regarded professional photographers in the industry. I love trawling Etsy and Pinterest for amazing design and style ideas, British crime fiction and Freakonomics. I also love cats. A lot. (But not in a crazy cat-lady kind of way; I don’t actually own a cat).

I live in Sydney, and I’ll photograph your wedding just about anywhere.

Want to ask me a question or make a booking? Call me on 0439 436 515 or click here.

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My Approach

I think it’s important to share a little about what drives me as a photographer. By getting to know me and my photography style, we can make sure we’re on the same page when it comes to taking wedding photos you are 100% happy with.

I’m here to help along the way.
Each inquiry to my services is taken seriously. I’m here to make your experience with me as your wedding photographer as simple and satisfactory as I possibly can. I can meet with you in person to discuss your vision for the big day. I also love sharing tips and advice with my clients on how they can get the most out of my photography services.

I seek to be truly “present” on your wedding day
I have two main approaches to taking photographs at a wedding. For the most part, I work unobtrusively, but observantly. I can be amongst your guests, standing next to you, or taking sneaky snaps from the back of the room. But there will also be times — such as during the bridal shoot, or for organising a photo for large groups of people — when I’ll step in and give you direction to achieve a particular look and to ensure everyone looks their best. As your wedding photographer, I will work with you to achieve gorgeous images you’ll still love in 30 years’ time. Ultimately, being present means I take in all the action and you focus on enjoying your wedding.


I believe marriage is sacred and people are the pinnacle of created things
Making the decision to commit to another person for the rest of your life is a huge deal. I seek to honour your upcoming marriage by creating stunning wedding photos for you to treasure and share with your loved ones. It’s such a joy to celebrate love and life with others and to play a role in creating memories of such a momentous day. People are amazing! I truly believe everyone can look incredible in a photograph and get great satisfaction when my clients are relaxed and comfortable enough to allow me to capture who they really are.